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Re-imaginations and -designs of public domain characters from comic books, comic strips, films, books, pulps, mythology, television, animation, folk stories, etc.

The Fox

Real Name   Paul Patten
Current Alias   The Fox
Other Aliases   none
Realatives   unknown
Affiliation   Ruth Ransom (Girlfriend)
Base of Operations   New York City, New York


Identity   Secret Identitiy
Citizenship   American
Marital Status   Single
Occupation   Photographer for the Daily Globe, adventurer, vigilante
Education   University Graduate


Gender   Male
Height   6'0" (1,83 m)
Weight   205 lbs (93 kg)
Ethnicity   Caucasian
Eyes   Brown
Hair   Black
Unusual Features   none


Origin   Human
Place of Birth   New York City, New York

Creators and Appearances

Creators   Joe Blair and Irwin Hasen
First Appearance   Blue Ribbon Comics #4 (June 1940)

Paul Patten

Background & History

To be revised! Until then:

Personality & Character Traits



Powers & Abilities


  • The Fox has no superpowers, but is a highly trained athlete.
  • (tbc)


  • (tbc)



  • The white eye-lenses on his mask permit him to see in the dark
  • (tbc)


The original "Fox" was created by Joe Blair and Irwin Hasen in the 1940's.

The Fox is is a public domain character and thus free for everyone to use by anyone in any way they wish. (Not this re-imagination, though!)