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Heroes & Villains

A comprehensive list of every Hero, Villain or ambivalent Anti-Hero that can be found in my (known) Multiverse.


Real Name   Sebastião Santiago Sousa da Silva
Current Alias   Goliath
Other Aliases   Goliath Spider, "Santo"
Relatives   Unknown
Affiliation   The W.E.B.
Base of Operations   somewhre in the
Amazon Jungle


Identity   Secret
Citizenship   Brazilian
Marital Status   Unknown
Occupation   Hunter, agent
of The W.E.B.
Education   Unknown


Gender   Male
Height   As Santo: 5′10″ (1.78 m)
As Goliath: 8′ (2.44 m)
Weight   As Santo:  128 lbs (58.06 kg)
As Goliath: 1400 lbs (635.03 kg)
Ethnicity   Mixed
Eyes   Green
Hair   Blonde
Unusual Features   As Goliath: Immense
size and 6 arms


Origin   Classified
Universe   Earth Zero
Place of Birth   Complexo do Alemão,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sebastião Santiago "Santo" Sousa da Silva

Background & History

Born as the son of a white man and a indigenous woman who died shortly after givin birth to him, Santo grew up in the favelas of Rio Janeiro mostly on his own and, in order to survive, was unwantedly forced to join one of the many drug gangs.

When his mutation kicked in, he finally had the means to assert dominance instead of always being the tag-along with no worth and violently take the lead of his gang, starting a crime spree never before seen in his country.

While he soon became one of the most wanted people of Brazil for robbing banks (and handing out the stolen money to the residents of the favelas), as well as distributing vigilante justice by smashing any serious, mostly drug related, criminal activity he became aware of, he also became the hero of the poor and weak.

But when he dared to bid defiance to the corrupted politicians of Rio, his days were numbered and a superpowered militia was sent out to hunt Santo down. These mercenaries were relentless and followed their agenda at any sacrifice - predominantly on the side of the innocent bystanders.

This was when the covert network known as "The W.E.B. Foundation" took notice of Santo and offered him their help. With their assistance Santo managed to go into hiding and keep a low profile in his civilian identity while establishing a base and refuge in the Amazonas Jungle.

With the financial, logistical and technological support provided by the W.E.B., Santo carries on to fight the unjust system of corrupt politicians conspiring with greedy corporations and power-hungry individuals at the expense of the weak and vulnerable people. At the same time he offers shelter and humanitarian aid for exactly these exploited and oppressed people.

Personality & Character Traits


Powers & Abilities


  • Transformation:
    • can willingly change his physiology and change between his normal, rather weak, human body to that of a humongous heavily muscled giant with 6 arms.
  • Superhuman Strength:
    • Santo possesses vast levels of superhuman strength, capable of lifting (pressing) excess of 100 tons
    • can easily bend a metal baseball bat with his bare hands
    • can punch through barriers as thick as 4-inch steel plate
    • can effortlessly carry a semi truck over a vast distance
  • Superhuman Strength Utilizations:
    • can produce powerful shockwaves and sonic vibrations by clapping his hands
    • create violent tremors by hitting the ground (or stomping his foot)
    • can leap great distances
  • Superhuman Stamina:
    • his muscles generate less fatigue toxins than the muscles of ordinary humans, granting him superhuman stamina
    • can exert himself for about 24 hours before the build up of fatigue toxins in his blood begins to affect him
  • Nigh-Invulnerability:
    • his skin is impervious to conventional bladed weaponry
    • has greater resistances to physical injury due to muscles and bones tissue being super-dense
    • can withstand gunfire at point-blank range
  • Regenerative Healing Factor:
    • capable of regenerating damaged or destroyed areas of his entire body with much greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human


  • Peak Human Speed and Agility:
    • can move as fast and as freely with his Goliath size and weight as he does when he is a human


According to the Guinnes World Records, the  goliath bird-eating spider (Theraphosa blondi) is the world's largest spider - the largest known specimen "had a record leg-span of 28 cm (11 in) - sufficient to cover a dinner plate."