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Re-imaginations and -designs of public domain characters from comic books, comic strips, films, books, pulps, mythology, television, animation, folk stories, etc.

Silver Streak

Real Name   Shevaughn Simmons
Current Alias   Silver Streak
Other Aliases   Jed Silverman, Steve Silvers
Realatives:   Shaundra Simmons (mother)
Affiliation   none
Base of Operations   New York, New York


Identity   No dual identity
Citizenship   American
Marital Status   Single
Occupation   Cab driver, street racer, adventurer
Education   High School Graduate


Gender   Male
Height   6'1" (1,86 m)
Weight   205 lbs (93 kg)
Ethnicity   African-American
Eyes   Brown
Hair   Black
Unusual Features   none


Origin   Mutated Human
Place of Birth   Queensbridge , New York City, New York

Creators and Appearances

Creators   Jack Binder
First Appearance   Silver Streak Comics #3 (March 1940)

Shevaughn Simmons

Background & History

By day Shevaughn Simmons was just one of thousand other ordinary cab drivers in Manhattan, but every weekend night he became part of the illegal street racing circuit operating within New York, where he was only known as the infamous street racer "Silver Streak" - hiding his identity behind the tinted windows of his a heavily modified silver 2006 Chevrolet Corvette C6 and racking up victory after victory on the quarter mile.

One night he was challenged to a race for pink slips by a new street racer in a black 2003 Nissan 350Z who called himself "The Fly". Confident of his driving skills Shevaughn accepted and despite engine and power output handicaps, won the race. But when his oppenent reached the finish line, where Shevaughn was waiting for him, he speeded up even more and t-boned Shevaughns car, injuring him fatally.

Barely clinging to live in the ICU, his mother Shaundra Simmons was approached by a Doctor Katan, who told her of a clinical trial he was the head of and offered her an highly experimental treatment for her son in exchange for his dead body, if he shouldn't survive the procedure. In her despair and having nothing to lose but everything to gain, she agreed and released Shevaughn into the care of Dr. Katan.


Personality & Character Traits



Powers & Abilities


  • Agility
  • Escape Artist
  • Flight
  • Superspeed: Silver Streak is able to run at incredible speeds up to mach 4 (3,000 mph / 4,828 km/h). Fast enough to appear as nothing more than a (silver) blur and a gust of wind.  He can run straight up or straight down vertical walls with ease, and run across water as if it were solid.  With enough momentum he can make amazing leaps of at least 100m/ 328ft .  He has been known to throw dozens of punches in a single instant and throw bricks like machine gun rounds.  He often carries a pair of steel tipped gloves which he can use to boar through the walls of enemy compounds by spinning.  He is unusually strong as well, though not to a truly superhuman degree.  He has demonstrated the ability to tip over a car, using his momentum and "Herculean effort."  He has also managed to throw heavy objects unusual distances.  Silver Streak recovers quickly from injuries, although not necessarily to a superhuman degree (it takes him several days to recover from a gunshot wound).
  • Unarmed Combat
  • Vibration Wave
  • Wind Bursts


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The original "Silver Streak" was created by Jack Binder in the 1940's.

Silver Streak is is a public domain character and thus free for everyone to use by anyone in any way they wish. (Not this re-imagination, though!)