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Re-imaginations and -designs of public domain characters from comic books, comic strips, films, books, pulps, mythology, television, animation, folk stories, etc.

Spider Widow

Real Name   Dianne Grayton
Current Alias   Spider Widow, Widow
Other Aliases   Grandmother of Terror
Relatives   Tony Grey (Raven, boyfriend)
Affiliation   The W.E.B.
Base of Operations   global


Identity   Secret
Citizenship   American
Marital Status   Single
Occupation   Forensic Psychologist at The W.E.B. Foundation, former competitive sportswoman
Education   College graduate


Gender   Female
Height   ...
Weight   ...
Ethnicity   Caucasian
Eyes   Grey
Hair   Brunette
Unusual Features   None


Origin   Mutated Human
Place of Birth   New York City, New York

Creators and Appearances

Creators   Frank Borth
First Appearance   Feature Comics #57 (1942)

Dianne Grayton

Background & History

Discovering her ability to mentally control deadly spiders, Dianne Grayton, a bored and wealthy athlete, became a vigilante crime fighter calling herself the "Spider-Widow".

In the beginning she dressed up as an elderly hag wearing a green-faced old crone mask, a floppy black hat, and a long black dress, but as her mental powers grew bigger and more refined, she was able to build a hive-mind with her beloved black widow spiders and manipulate the swarm to amalgamate, separate, and shapeshift as a gelatinous, amorphous black mass to form of any shape she wants.

"Spider Widow" now works as forensic psychologist at the covert network known as "The W.E.B. Foundation" and spearheads the Department of Psychological Warfare. She is a master of manipulation who can turn any wimp into a killer and thus all recruits have to spend part of their training time with her. Her psychological warfare, manipulations, and strategies are unrivaled.

Personality & Character Traits

She became romantically involved with the Raven after he rescued her from German agents.



Powers & Abilities


  • Mentally control spiders (preferably Black Widows)
  • (tbc)


  • Trained athlete
  • Skilled fighter
  • Master manipulator
  • (tbc)


  • (tbc)



  • Thousands of little black widow spiders making up parts of her costume


The original "Spider Widow" was created by Frank Borth in the 1940's.

Spider Widow is is a public domain character and thus free for everyone to use by anyone in any way they wish. (Not this re-imagination, though!)