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Heroes & Villains

A comprehensive list of every Hero, Villain or ambivalent Anti-Hero that can be found in my (known) Multiverse.


Real Name   Simon Spencer
Current Alias   SpOi!derman
Other Aliases   SpOi!der
Relatives   Jacqueline Mansouri, Djilali Mansouri
Affiliation   The W.E.B.
Base of Operations   London East End, England, UK


Identity   Secret
Citizenship   British
Marital Status   Single
Occupation   Agent of The W.E.B., adventurer, vigilante
Education   Public School graduate


Gender   Male
Height   ...
Weight   ...
Ethnicity   English
Eyes   Blue
Hair   Black
Unusual Features   4 Arms (Tho' he insists to have 6!)


Origin   Mutated Human
Universe   Earth Zero
Place of Birth   City of London, England, UK

Simon Spencer

Background & History

"Oi, mate! Me 'istory is Current Ban of your business. ya wanna 'ave a giraffe? Scapa Fla butcher's in the mirror. Na sod off!"

... uhm yeah ...

Well, we know that he's fighting for the oppressed and less privileged - the "working class" - and was recruited by the covert network known as "The W.E.B. Foundation", which provides financial, logistical and technological support to spider-themed heroes all over the world.

Personality & Character Traits

"Oi! You're pretty nosy, in'cha? I told ya ter Chinese Blind your Jack Jones business, so Frank Bough ya Scapa Fla!"

Powers & Abilities


  • increased speed
  • heightened reflexes
  • superhuman agility
  • superhuman strength
  • abilty to stick to and crawl across virtually any surface


  • knows how to handle a baseball bat


  • You really wanna ask him? Good luck with that...



  • Baseball bat

important Note

If you mistakenly think all Skinheads are Neo-Nazis, please educate yourself: