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Re-imaginations and -designs of public domain characters from comic books, comic strips, films, books, pulps, mythology, television, animation, folk stories, etc.

The Spider

Real Name   Richard Wentworth
Current Alias   The Web
Other Aliases   Tito Caliepi, Blinky McQuade, Rupert Barton
Relatives   Nita Van Sloan (wife), last surviving member of a rich family
Affiliation   The W.E.B.
Base of Operations   global


Identity   Secret
Citizenship   American
Marital Status   Married
Occupation   Trainer for the agents of The W.E.B. Foundation, former adventurer, vigilante, millionaire
Education   ...


Gender   Male
Height   5'11" (180 cm)
Weight   ...
Ethnicity   Caucasian
Eyes   Grey
Hair   Black
Unusual Features   battle scar on his head that flares up at times of great stress


Origin   Baseline Human
Place of Birth   Unknown

Creators and Appearances

Creators   Harry Steeger
First Appearance   The Spider vol. 1 #1 (1933)

Richard Wentworth

Background & History

Millionaire Richard Wentworth was also the ruthless vigilante The Spider. He was assisted by his fiance, butler, chauffeur, and manservant.

After many years as vigilante and detective, "The Spider" (semi-)retired and works now for the covert network known as "The W.E.B. Foundation", where he is responsible for training the recruits and helping to organize operations. But that doesn't mean he won't get his hands dirty anymore himself and whenever he feels his years of experience are needed, he gladly joins his agents in the action.

To be continued! Until then:

Personality & Character Traits



Powers & Abilities


  • Master of disguise
  • accomplished pianist and violinist
  • speaks fluent Hindustani
  • able to imitate other people's voices
  • (tbc)


  • suffers frequent bouts of fear, self-doubt, despair and paranoia (PTSD?)
  • nasty tendency to kill his enemies
  • (tbc)



  • The Spider's usual weapons of choice were a pair of Browning .45 caliber M1911 automatic pistols
  • air pistol (lethal and almost silent)
  •  a thin silken line (his "web") which has a tensile strength of several hundred pounds
  • platinum cigarette lighter concealing The Spider's seal, a red-ink "spider" image (like a drop of blood)
  • gun in one of his shoes
  • artificial fangs,
  • a wig
  • vampire make-up
  • (tbc)


The original "The Spider" was created by Harry Steeger in the 1930's.

The Spider is is a public domain character and thus free for everyone to use by anyone in any way they wish. (Not this re-imagination, though!)