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Teams & Groups

A comprehensive list of every team, group or company that can be found in my (known) Multiverse.

The W.E.B.

Identity and Affiliations

Official Name   The W.E.B. Foundation
Current Alias   The W.E.B.
Other Aliases   W.E.B., The Network
Base of Operations:   Unknown
Identity   Partially Public
Status   Active
Allies   The Spider Army
Enemies   ...


Origin   Founded sometime after the "Harvesting"
Universe   Earth Zero



The World Environment Betterment Foundation

Background & History

Disguised as an independently and privately funded internationally operating think-tank and research institution that undertakes humanitarian missions, ranging from supporting the socially needy to mediating peace between states, the Web Foundation's true nature is that of a covert network of (spider-themed) operatives around the world tasked with defending the interests of the weak and vulnerable people in both allied and hostile nations and can be deployed anywhere at anytime at a moment's notice to carry out operations against rogue corporations, private individuals, political entities/personalities and even whole governments.


  • John Raymond a.k.a. "The Web" - Executive director of the day to day operations and responsible for the coordination of all network operations worldwide.
  • Richard Wentworth a.k.a. "The Spider" - Training supervisor and combat instructor, responsible for preparing recruits for field work and helping to organize missions.
  • Shannon Kane a.k.a "Spider Queen" - Head of Research & Development Department and responsible for equipping the agents of W.E.B. with the technical equipment and weapons they need in the field.
  • Dianne Grayton a.k.a. "Spider Widow" - Forensic psychologist at the covert network known as "The W.E.B. Foundation" and spearheads the Department of Psychological Warfare.


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Aside of the above listed freelance agents, the W.E.B. also has its own private military called the "Spider Army" at their disposal, which provides paramilitary support for larger deployments and in critical situations.



Various military equipment and hardware including: kevlar body armor, jetpacks, teleporter, psi-blocker, Battle Armor, Web-Shooters, and much more.


Plasma pistols, needle pistols, various conventional and unconventional firearms.


Various flying vehicles, conventional automobiles, boats and aircraft