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In a world where the industrial revolution was altered through the discovery of an ancient nuclear-powered alien starship beneath stonehenge in 1886, history took a dramatic change of course.

1,000 ± years ago

Final Destination Earth

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The Xi'vrax, an alien species of ferocious warlords - reduced to a technology only marginally more advanced than the 20th century Earth technology - is exiled on Earth and establish a military base near the ancient city of Chichen Itza in South-America, where they are worshipped as gods by the Mayans of Southern Mexico and northern Central America.

August 1886

Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England

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Amongst the team of researchers that examined the spacecraft deep under Stonehenge, was a young student called H.G. Wells who accidentally activated a device inside the ship that opened a wormhole through space and time on the surface before it short-fused. Shortly after this incident, the excavation site was attacked by the original owners of the crashed ship - an alien species of ferocious warlords known as the "Xi'vrax" that lived hidden on this earth for millennia and wasn't very pleased to see a, for this world superior, technology, that was lost to themselves, in the hands of such an underdeveloped species like humankind.

Immediately a war between aliens and humans broke out that spread all over the world and lasted 3 years. This "Worlds War" eventually ended in an uncertain truce in 1889 after the explosion of an extraterrestrial artifact during a particularly fierce battle, resulting in the mutation of thousands of people who subsequently started to develop unique special abilities which in turn tipped the scales in favor for humankind. But despite the mayor step forward humankind had made technology wise at this time, millions of human lifes were already wasted and vast areas of earth had became inhabitable for both races due to biological and chemical warfare agents that were deployed in the war. The world lay in ashes and the rebuilding of civilization would take a toll of its own.

Two years after the war, in 1891, H.G. Wells finally managed to reengineer the wormhole device he had found in the alien spaceship with the help of his friend Thomas Edison, and together they were able to build a machine that allowed them to travel not only through time but also to alternate realities and into parallel dimensions.

Determined to change the fate of his world, H.G. starts to gather adventurers, scientists, and artists with unique special abilities from all around the world and even from different points in time who are willing to travel with him to alternate realities in search for allies as well as ways and means to defeat the enemy once and for all ...




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