The story so far:

In a world where superheroes were dismissed by common sense as fairy tales and supernatural abilities were believed to exist only in the realm of fiction, a group of masked vigilantes with real superpowers made quite a splash with their appearance and the bold statement that they were famous heroes who had fought in the 1940's and 50's until they were captured by a secret government agency only to awake 60 years later in a science lab without knowing what happened to them besides the fact that their powers and bodies were somehow experimented on.

... years ago

However, there was the problem that apparently nobody ever heard of them before (let alone of any kind of real superheroes). So severeal questions arose: Who were those people, where did they really come from and what was their agenda? But those were questions that the confused heroes soon asked themselves while searching for answers, lost relatives, friends, and more forgotten heroes around the world - only to discover that not everybody of them is what they seem to be...

The Forgotten - Comic # 1 (text only for now)

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Page 1

This page is divided into eight panels, with the first and 7th panel taking up the entire width of the page, the 8th (and last) panel embedded in the seventh, and the rest arranged however works best.

Panel 1:

View from far on a southern island with an active volcano in a blue ocean, far away from any civilization.

Textbox in the left upper corner:


Textbox in the right bottom corner:

    June, 6th 2012 - 04:30 am (UTC-5)
Feral Island (somewhere in the Bermuda-Triangle)

Panel 2:

From behind him we see a half naked man - only in a loincloth clothed - with his back to us crouching in the shadows of dusk on a big branch in a tree observing a goat that's tied to a stake in a small jungle clearing beneath the man while the bushes around the clearing begin to move softly. (rustle)

Panel 3:

Breaking a little branch by stepping on it (crack) a Velociraptor (much smaller than in the movies and with feathers around his head and body) has partially emerged from the bushes and prepares itself to attack the goat. The figure in the tree has now raised a spear in his hand high above his head and is also ready to attack the raptor.

Panel 4:

Suddenly a shrill alarm echoes through the jungle (woop woop woop woop) and makes the raptor to run off frightened, while the figure in the tree looks surprised in the direction of the signal.

Panel 5:

Nothing more than a shadow between the trees we see the man rushing through the dense jungle.

Panel 6:

Still turning his back to us, the man bends over a steel hatch in the floor between two trees in the middle of the jungle and turns on a big wheel to open it. (crank)

Panel 7:

This is a large panel that takes up a big part of the bottom half of the page and contains the following panel in its right bottom corner. The panel itself is presented as if through a camera on a wall.

We see now an underground room that looks like a mix of a cozy living room and a military command center. In the background we can see a steel ladder that drops down from the hatch into the space. On a large monitor on one of the walls we can see the computer graphic of a world map with several yellow glowing lights in different countries. Only one of the lights, which represents New York flashes bright red.

The person (still directed with his back to us) stands before it and looks at the smaller green glowing screen of an 80's personal computer on a small table underneath.

Panel 8:

Zoom on the screen:

    Anomaly detected!
Estimated time of arrival: 6 months, 2 weeks, 1 days, 8 hours.
Activate 'Project Phoenix'? Y / N

In the front of the screen a keyboard can be seen, and a hand with its index finger hovering over of the Y.


Page 2

This page is divided into five panels, with the fifth panel taking up the entire bottom half of the page, the third panel taking up the entire width of the page and the rest arranged however works best.

Panel 1:

View on the New York Harbor from far. Textbox in the right bottom corner:

    5:00 am (UTC-5)
New York Harbor, USA

Panel 2:

An abandoned, rusty oil tanker in a dry dock shortly before sunrise. From a porthole of the loading space penetrates a faint green light.

Panel 3:

The interior of the cargo compartment, which was apparently converted into a science lab. In the dim light of the moonlight, shining in through the upper hatch, we can recognize thirteen man-sized glass cylinders in a row on one of the walls. The cylinders are filled with a greenish, bubbling liquid in which you can vaguely see the outlines of people. The green light is now recognizable as a blinking cursor on an old computer screen from the early 80s, standing on a lab table at the end of the row of cylinders.

Panel 4:

Zoom on the screen:

    Project Phoenix activation code confirmed.
Initiate Lazarus protocols.
Process completed...50%

Panel 5:

This is a large panel that takes up the entire bottom half of the page.

The view is now back on the cylinders, in which the liquid is now downright seething while it lights up bright at the same time. We can now see quite clearly naked men and women in the cylinders which carry oxygen masks and are packed with all kinds of probes.


Page 3

This page is divided into four big panels arranged however works best.

Panel 1:

A dark, seedy alley underneath a highway. In the background we can see a homeless camp. In the alley we can see an apparently homeless woman in torn clothes, which is urged against a wall and threatened with knives by two youths (one white, one black) who have their jeans hanging just under the ass with their underwear sticking far out.

Textbox in the right bottom corner:

    5 days later
Bronx, New York

Panel 2:

Suddenly appears with breakneck speed (whooosh) a silver blurred person which throws the attacker full tilt to the opposite wall (bang), while their knives are pulled along by the wind behind this blur as he is running by.

Panel 3:

The blur is now running in the other direction (whooosh) and the hooligans find themselves headlong into a rusty dumpster (clang), with their ​​lower bodies still sticking out so we can see that their jeans are now pulled down to the ankle and their boxers deep into their ass crack. (ouch)

Panel 4:

The silver blur with the contour of a man whizzes through a door in a semi-dark room where we can see the dark outlines of other people who have gathered around a large table.


Page 4


Imagine that this shot is seen as if from a camera mounted on the ceiling.

We see a group of 13 people in fancy costumes standing around a long oval table with a paper worldmap on it in a large warehouse space with a big smudgy window in the brickwall behind the table. While The Clock is standing at the head of the table, the rest is evenly (and randomly) distributed around it. The silver blur has finally stopped next to The Clock and can now clearly be seen as a man in a red costume with silver stripes at the sides and a big logo with two stylized S on his chest. It is the Silver Streak now saying: "Sorry for the delay, I had to dispose of some garbage out there."

At the bottom of this page is the title "Brave New World", the credits are located beneath the title and next to each character is a small textbox with the following contents:

Goes the extra mile for justice.

    • ARROW
A straight shooter.

Don't get caught in his web.

Ahead of you at any time.


The man who dared the devil and won.

    • RED BEE
Generates a buzz when he shows up.

A prime example of doggedness.

Puts the cat in 'catfight'.

All along dressed to kill.

    • FLINT
Always a sparkling nature.

    • DYNAMO
Has an electrifying personality.

A really amazing man.


Page 5

To be continued ... ;)



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