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The Mayans had it prophesied - but what really happened on December 21, 2012 no one would have thought possible. A chain of events set in motion ages ago, eventually culminated in the "Judgement Day" and changed the world forever.

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5,000 ± years ago(I bet it was a monday)

Eurasian Continent

Thrown across time and space, after hitting a massive asteroid in another dimension and breaking into two parts, the part of the spaceship filled with the last surviving alien refugees from yet another universe crashes down on Earth Omega smack in the middle of todays Turkey.

[wait! so they were not just aliens, but also illegal aliens?]

2012, December 21 (Friday)
Noon (12:00:00 UTC-0) - All over the world...

Completely without warning wormholes open over all big cities of Earth from which huge alien spacecraft emerge and maintain a seemingly motionless position in the sky. While people flock in masses to the streets to watch the event with their own eyes, all government agencies around the globe are put in the highest alarm.

Shortly thereafter, slightly smaller objects break away from the mother ships which immediately turn off and take up position over the military bases in their respective countries. At this time, all attempts by humans to make contact with the obviously alien visitors have failed.

Exactly 30 minutes after their arrival all extraterrestrial ships simultaneously start a well-coordinated, devastating attack on the primary defense institutions of all countries while at the same time thousands of smaller aircraft exit the larger vessels over the cities and bring an invading army of terrifying creatures to the surface.

The people on the streets are taken inexorably under fire while the few survivors are herded together like cattle by swarms of invading alien creatures only to be instantly crammed in hastily constructed prison camps. In less than one hour - before the police forces, national guard or any other defense authority can regroup for a counter-offensive - the invaders have taken control of each city and all their basic infrastructures such as transportation and telecommunication.


Days of Annihilation, Chapter 2: World War

With the military infrastructure already crippled, the aggressors now take on the remaining troops defending the governments in the capital cities.

To be continued ... ;)

Days of Annihilation, Chapter 3: Counterstrike

To be continued ... ;)

Aftermath: New World Order

After World War Ω (Omega), in which whole swathes of land were ravaged through terraforming or even completely destroyed in fierce battles and a number of governments collapsed, the borders of many countries had to be redefined. While some countries moved closer together and made new political and military alliances, other former superpowers lost large areas of their lands when they formed new governments.

... years ago
... years ago
... years ago

Nothing will be as it once was ...






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