The story so far:

In an alternate reality where Germany managed to wrest a stalemate from the allied forces in World War II through several points of divergence to our reality, the city formerly known as New York is occupied by German Troops and surrounded by a wall that separates „New Berlin“ from the rest of the United States of America.

... years ago

This lead to a Cold War between the German Reich and the USA which threatens the unsteady peace in a world where scientific progress culminated in the emergence of a new, genetically altered human subspecies with uncanny superhuman abilities.

But while the nazis in this way created their „Aryan Supermen“ who ensure their authority over „New Berlin“, the global resistance against the fascist oppressors started their own secret program and genetically altered several of their own people to become superpowered fighters for freedom and justice as a special resistance group called „The Defiants“.

These brave heroes now fight against the nazi occupants of „New Berlin“ and protect a mysterious underground hacktivist who wants to reveal the horrible truth about the undisclosed "Final Solution" and the true fate of Europe's Jews.

Naziworld (Earth n421) was admittedly heavily inspired by Robert Harris' great novel "Fatherland".

Important note!

I explicitly distance myself from any fascist ideologies - especially those of the nazis! The depiction of fascist symbols like the swastika serves - according the freedom of the arts - only artistic purposes!

Wichtiger Hinweis!

Ich distanziere mich ausdrücklich von jeder Art faschistischen Gedankenguts - speziell jene der Nazis! Die Darstellung faschistischer Symbole wie dem Hakenkreuz dienen - entsprechend der Kunstfreiheit - allein künstlerischen Zwecken.

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