The story so far:

Alternative Timelines come into existence, when one or more historical events occur and are resolved differently than in the "regular" timeline as we know it. In these worlds, "What if?" scenarios about crucial events in human history present themselves very different from the historical record in our world.

Earth d1353l

Earth is hit by a solar storm ten times stronger than the Carrington Event on September 1, 1859, who wipes out all the Earths modern technology and renders almost any electronic devices useless. Without communications, telephone, radio and TV due to damaged satellites, and global electrical blackouts, civilization eventually breaks down into small city-based factions all over the world.

Planet Z

Reality where an outbreak of a virus turned humans into evil, cannibalistic zombies.

Earth SKCT-78

Post-apocalyptic world where virtually the entire population was wiped out by a lethal virus.

Following the accidental release of a weaponized strain of influenza at a remote U.S. Army base and a security malfunction that allowed an infected soldier to escape with his family, a pandemic of apocalyptic proportions was triggered which eventually killed off 99.4% of the world's human population.

40 years later:

All over the world the surviving 0.6% of humans gathered together in independent "Free Zones" and started a new, more peacefully and united civilization led by small elected "committees".

Humankind itself became psychically connected through their dreams and the new generations developed paranormal mental abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis, precognition, etc. in various forms and strengths.

But the strongest of them, Richard starts to follow his darker dreams and becomes a threat to his fellow people...

Inspired by Stephen Kings "The Stand".

Earth 3nl16h73nd

What if Jesus never called himself a god, or if Pilates had pardoned/spared Jesus amd he was never crucified, or even better:

What if Christianity missed the West?


The Enlightenment starts early – and lasts a thousand years


French philosopher Charles Renouvier’s book Uchronie (1876) suggested a history in which Christianity didn’t come to the west through the Roman Empire, due to a small change of events after the reign of Marcus Aurelius. In this history, while the word of Christ still spreads throughout the east, Europe enjoys an extra millennium of classical culture. When Christianity finally goes West, it is absorbed harmlessly into the multi-religious society. Naturally, this view of history was colored by Renouvier’s own worldview: while not strictly an atheist, he was no fan of organized religion.

also: a universe where Christianity never existed, means that the Dark Ages also didn't happen.

Earth POA-9163

What if apes became cognitively aware before the first hominids evolved?

10 million years ago there was no sign that humans would take over the world. Instead, the Earth was dominated by the apes. More than 50 different species of ape roamed the world - 10 million years ago Earth really was the planet of the apes. Three million years later, most had vanished. In their place came something clearly related to the apes, but also completely different: human beings!

But not on this world!

Earth ISA-1434

What if Arab Muslims had discovered and colonized America first?

Earth n471v3

What of the War of 1812 lead to a native American nation located between Canada and the USA?

Earth c0l0n135

What if America had lost the Revolutionary War?

Earth CW1861

What if the South won American Civil War?

Earth WW114

What if WWI never happened?

Earth WW1140H

What if Adolf Hitler died in WW1?

Earth WW114GW

What if Germany won WWI?

Earth U5n421

What if Charles Lindbergh were elected President in 1940?


America joins the Nazis.


Philip Roth’s bestselling novel, The Plot Against America (2002), gives us an alternate history in which Charles Lindbergh, trans-Atlantic pilot and all-American hero, becomes the Republican presidential candidate in 1940, defeating the incumbent Franklin Roosevelt. President Lindbergh, a white supremacist and anti-Semite, declares martial law, throws his opponents in prison, and allies with Nazi Germany in World War II. Lindbergh is remembered as a national villain – in Roth’s opinion, the reputation he deserves.

Earth WW2DDF

What if the D-Day invasion had failed in 1944?

Earth WW2GW

What if Germany had won WWII?

Earth CMC62

What if the Cuba Missile Crisis went wrong?

- The Cuban Missile Crisis resulted in a nuclear holocaust in November 1962.

Earth JFK63

What if JFK survived his trip to Dallas in November 1963?




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