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Heroes & Villains

A comprehensive list of every Hero, Villain or ambivalent Anti-Hero that can be found in my (known) Multiverse.


Real Name   Riley Reddington
Current Alias   Redback
Other Aliases   Red
Relatives   Unknown
Affiliation   The W.E.B., The Savage Pack
Base of Operations   Perth, Australia


Identity   Secret
Citizenship   Australian
Marital Status   Engaged
Occupation   Government sanctioned superhero, agent of The W.E.B.
Education   High school graduate


Gender   Male
Height   ...
Weight   ...
Ethnicity   Caucasian
Eyes   Brown
Hair   Brown
Unusual Features   4 additional arms


Origin   Mutated Human
Universe   Earth Zero
Place of Birth   Birdsville, Queensland, Australia

Riley "Red" Reddington

Background & History

Riley "Red" Reddington was a highly decorated former member of the Australian SASR (Special Air Service Regiment) who accidentally killed a drunk man in a bar fight while trying to protect his girlfriend. Failing to prove he was acting in self-defense, Riley was sentenced to prison for manslaughter for using excessive force.

Three years later he was promised parole and restitution to his former rank in the Australian army if he volunteered for an experimental genetic treatment based on Dr. Hayden Creed‘s Xenogene studies. The experiment was a success and Riley received spider-like superhuman powers which he used to become a government sanctioned superhero and later leader of the „Savage Pack“.

He was later also secretly recruited by the covert network known as "The W.E.B. Foundation", which provides financial, logistical and technological support to spider-themed heroes all over the world.

Personality & Character Traits


Powers & Abilities


Riley Reddington possesses the proportionate superhuman abilities and traits of various spiders as a result of genetic manipulations and other scientific experiments under state supervision.

  • several additional limbs (including 4 extra human arms)
  • superhuman strength and stamina
  • enhanced speed and agility
  • heightened reflexes
  • abilty to stick to and crawl across virtually any surface
  • can rip a wall down just by tugging at it hard enough with his palms
  • ability to organically produce a silk venomous liquid from glands in his fingers that can also be used as some sort of web


  • Advanced Military Operator
  • Master of Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Expert Marksman
  • Weapons Proficiency
  • Expert Vehicular Driver
  • Accomplished strategist ant tactician


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